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  • February 14, 2023
  • 15:00
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Innovation Webinar Series

Breakthrough joint health solution FruiteX-B®

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Breakthrough joint health solution FruiteX-B®
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A New Opportunity for Joint Health in the EU

Mobility is an essential part of life – a fundamental element in how we feel, both physically and mentally, and therefore considered a key factor in helping people achieve optimal health. 59% of the consumers believe mobility has a positive impact on feeling youthful, 24% believes it brings up energy levels and 28% believe it has an impact on immunity.

In fact, one of the top reasons for addressing mobility issues today is to improve lifestyle in general. What’s more, consumers are increasingly seeking solutions which bring together ingredients that support all mobility-related aspects, like bone, joint, tendon and muscle health.

So how can you meet all the consumer requirements for joint health? 

Join the webinar and meet the breakthrough ingredient for joint health: FruiteX-B®. FruiteX-B® is a novel (approved in EU per December 2021) patented mineral complex naturally found in fruits, nuts, and legumes. Low dose, fully soluble, and vegan FruiteX-B® is supported by over a decade of published research. In clinical studies, significant improvements have been shown in joint comfort and mobility in as little as 7 days with continued improvement over a 90-day period. 

Attend the live webinar to have our team of expert speakers answer your questions! Can't joint the live session? You can still register and get the recording.

What will you learn

Mobility market is on the move.

Which factors contribute to the growth and what trends are driving the mobility?

Consumers striving to optimize mobility and health at every age.

Who is the typical consumer in the mobility & joint space? How can you comply to all the needs?

Introducing the breakthrough joint health solution: FruiteX-B®.

What is FruiteX-B® and how does it compete with other ingredients on the market? Why is it unique and how does science back it up? 

Market Opportunity.

What are the market opportunities with Fruitex-B®? How to choose the right market positioning? 


Snezhana Kirina

Snezhana Kirina

Marketing manager at vaneeghen

Snezhana is passionate about developing marketing strategies for products in the food supplement space. She thrives on challenges, particularly those that expand the company’s reach.

Randal Wexler

Randal Wexler

Vice President at VDF FutureCeuticals

J. Randal Wexler is the Vice President, General Counsel, and Head of R&D at VDF FutureCeuticals. Outside of his Legal, Regulatory, and Corporate Governance roles, Randy’s responsibilities intersect the management of novel, clinically-based scientific developments that impact human health and the maintenance/policing of the resulting intellectual property.

Linde van Erp

Linde van Erp

Sales Manager at vaneeghen

Linde is always seeking for new market opportunities in the nutritional supplements market. Bringing solutions that meet consumer’s needs and supporting customer’s to grow businesses sustainably is what makes Linde most excited.