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  • November 11, 2021
  • 10:00
  • Free
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Innovation Webinar Series


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Grow the Opportunities. Optimize functionality. Manage the Risks.

The Infant Nutrition market is fast-growing and product launches in baby formula increase annually. What are the fastest growing health claims and trends in this segment? How does recent regulations on adding DHA in baby formulas bring challenges to formulators? 

Join our webinar as we present new market insights, explain how to grow opportunities  and manage risks associated with DHA. We will introduce a tailor-made solution that brings benefits for your next formulation. You will learn all the advantages of switching to a DHA microencapsulated technology and get the chance to ask our team of experts’ questions live on the platform.

What will you learn

Learn New Market Insights & Opportunities

Which market trends are leading segment and what drives the growth? What diversification strategies are being used by brands?

Manage Risks associated with DHA

What are the challenges in keeping up with the new DHA regulations? How to manage other risks associated with the ingredient?

Introducing Next-Generation Microencapsulation Technology

How can DHA microencapsulated technology bring benefits to your new formulation?

Change is Easy and Beneficial

Why is it safe and easy to switch to a new solution?


Pactli Alexis Cabanetos

Pactli Alexis Cabanetos

Business Development Manager

Pactli holds a bachelor’s in food science and a master’s in marketing, he’s got more than 10 years of experience in food science and food ingredients in the Latin American, Asian and European markets; he is a passionate foodie and traveler always looking for innovative products and he is currently developing new opportunities in the Infant Nutrition segment.

Tom de Leeuw

Tom de Leeuw

Technical Manager Infant Nutrition

Studied at Wageningen University with a bachelor’s degree in Food Technology and a master in Food Process Engineering. More than seven years of experience with the infant formula industry and a specialist on micro- and specialty nutrients for infants. At vaneeghen focusing on scientific developments, innovation and product development.

Brenda Judge

Brenda Judge

Innovation and NPD Manager

Brenda holds a Bachelor of Science from the University of NSW and a PhD in Food Science from the University of Queensland, she was recently inducted as a fellow of the Australian Institute of Food Science and Technology for outstanding service in the food industry. Brenda has a passion for vulnerable consumer groups having worked for over two decades in developing and commercialising special purpose foods.