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  • October 22, 2020
  • 15:00
  • Free
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Innovation Webinar Series

Immunity & Inflammation

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Immunity & Inflammation
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New Concepts & New Science to Boost your Immune Pipeline

Immunity supplements sales growth is projected to spike above 25% in 2020, up from 8.5% growth to $3.3 billion overall, according to Nutrition Business Journal. The demand for supplements and other products in the market targeting the immune segment is increasing (manufacturers and retailers are reporting higher sales of products for immune support) and end-consumers are constantly looking for new concepts in this area.

Join us and learn more about the consumer changing behaviors and get inspired by unique, new formulations combining essential nutrients and based on the latest science.
This webinar will use a 5 minute pitch structure per topic, making it easy and simple to join and learn. We will have 4 speakers, each presenting 5 minutes.


  • The immune market growth and projections: Is COVID-19 a temporarily spike in sales or will this stay?
  • Novel Immune & Inflammation concept to help you differentiate in the market.
  • New Product launch based on plant power: Introducing Phyto-C.
  • Increasing use of food supplements also request novel formulations for new consumer needs.

What will you learn

Consumer behavior changes due to COVID-19.

What are the drivers and changes in buying behavior for the immunity market?

Get inspired by a new concept.

How can you differentiate on the market using essential, scientifically-proven ingredients?  

Plant-based immunity protection.

How a complex of 11 superfoods can help to support a healthy immune response?

New application forms for new consumer needs.

What is the latest solution for pill fatigue people and how can you fulfill their needs?


Tom Druke

Tom Druke

Marketing Director, Balchem® Minerals and Nutrients

Tom is veteran of the consumer packaged goods industry, with 10+ years of product management experience at both Reckitt Benckiser® and Pfizer® Consumer Healthcare, where he worked on the Caltrate® and Centrum brands®. He joined Balchem in 2013 and has spent the last seven years in progressive marketing roles in the world of branded ingredients.

Alice Cardoso, MSc

Alice Cardoso, MSc

Technical Sales Manager at vaneeghen

Alice Cardoso joined vaneeghen at the end of last year. Her expertise comes from her background in Biomedical Science and Management, as well as her career path through different industries and responsibility of different regions throughout the world. As an dedicated athlete for +12 years she is able to combine her science background and athletics needs with commercial Know How.

Kristin Vitek

Kristin Vitek

Strategic Marketing Lead, FutureCeuticals

Kristin Vitek joined FutureCeuticals earlier this year with over 20 years of marketing, brand and product expertise from diverse Consumer Product companies. She brings a unique B2C perspective to our B2B environment – focusing on consumer insights and higher level needs. Her motto is ‘we are all people talking to people.’

Dr. Andrew Myers

Dr. Andrew Myers

CEO and chief science officer of NutraGenetics and Health Value Communications

Dr. Andrew Myers is a renowned naturopathic physician, graduated at Bastyr University. He is viewed as one of the world’s top authorities in the formulation of dietary supplements and their scientific substantiation. He is responsible for the nutritional formulation of several national and global private label brands, including products at Walmart, Sam’s Club, Costco and Herbalife.