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  • July 26, 2021
  • 12:00
  • Free
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Innovation Webinar Series

Next generation minerals – A case for the importance and best form of Iron

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Next generation minerals – A case for the importance and best form of Iron
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Iron supplements , necessary, bioavailability and no side effects

vaneeghen makes a case for the importance of Iron and why minerals are getting more important than vitamins. Science shows that iron deficiency is still high and a crucial problem around the world. 

Iron deficiencies can affect normal cognitive function, the immune system, oxygen transport in the body, and tiredness and fatigue. Chelated minerals are reported to be better tolerated than inorganic minerals because these forms are less reactive.

During a webcast of ingredients discovery sessions, we zoom in the market of iron supplementation and support NPD with some of their biggest challenges when it comes to formulations. Request the recording and see why the form of Iron matters and what are the health benefits in different markets and products.

What will you learn

Iron Supplementation is still necessary

Do we underestimate the need for iron in Europe? 

Differences between iron forms

Why the form of iron matters for effectiveness, health and safety?

Improving bioavailability is important

How can we improve iron uptake?

Reduction of side effects

How higher bioavailability helps with reducing side effects?


Ronald Geerts MSc

Ronald Geerts MSc

Technical & Regulatory Director

Experienced Technical & Food Regulatory Specialist with a strong in-depth knowledge for the Food Nutritional Supplements and Sports Nutrition Industries.