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  • July 27, 2021
  • 12:00
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Innovation Webinar Series

Phyto-C: Everything you need to capture the rising need for plant-based solutions with immunity claim

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Phyto-C: Everything you need to capture the rising need for plant-based solutions with immunity claim
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New Insights for Plant-Based Immunity Power

During a webcast of ingredients discovery sessions, we zoom in the plant-based trend to show how some of the biggest NPD challenges can be resolved. There is rapid growth in plant-based consumerism. We see that more consumers globally incorporate plant-based ingredients in their diet. This trend has been pushing the market growth and opening new opportunities for more natural products. Going hand in hand with the plant-based trend is immunity. Plant-based products launching with an immunity claim are up significantly in 2020 and there is no sign of slowing down.

The question is how do you meet consumer demand and formulate an all-in one plant-based formula with immunity claims? What range of ingredients are consumers looking for?

Request the recording as we introduce you to Phyto-C, an unique plant-based complex delivering 11 superfoods and rich in natural Vitamin C and polyphenols. Its built to support a healthy immune response and consists of a full spectrum of antioxidants and a wide range of nutrients that play a role in the whole metabolism.

What will you learn

Plant-based trend continue to grow

How did the plant-based trend evolve over the last years?

Immunity is going hand in hand with plant-based

What is the demand for immunity strengthening products in this category?

Consumers Take a Multi-Angled Approach

How do you meet consumer demand?

Phyto-C - new, plant-based ingredient

How this unique plant-based complex delivering 11 superfoods including natural vitamin C and polyphenols support a healthy immune response?


Derek Matthews

Derek Matthews

Sales Manager UK and Ireland

An ingredient sales professional with fifteen years’ experience in business development across the food, beverage and nutritional supplement sectors.

A strong collaborator forming long term partnerships with brands and contract manufacturers alike to ensure business continuity, bringing unique insights and nutritious ingredient solutions.